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Shan He Elementary School is located at 395K, Highway 9, in the north of Taimali. There are 42 students in 106 academic year.
The school district includes Shan He Village and Huayuan Village. 

 There are the Pacific Ocean in the east and Mt. Xichuan in the west.
The school has a lovely situation, and is rich in ecology and humanities.
Most of the residents in the school district are Taiwanese, and most of the parents are farmers, while part of them makes their living by fishing.
Kids are simple and kind-hearted, and they have strong sentimental attachment to their hometown guiding by School-based Curriculum.
The school is under the premise of vision, expecting to provide the students with high quality learning environment.
We will integrate the teachers’ enthusiasm, creative teaching and local environmental resources to develop students’ multiple Intelligences.
Therefore, by putting curriculum, activities, and interactive classroom management into practice, we hope to educate the students capable of living in response to the future and knowing to appreciate.